DataDock Features

Free Account
DataDock accounts are free of charge.
Unlimited Datasets
Publish unlimited datasets as open data.
Add Dataset Information
Also known as "metadata" - add titles, descriptions, and keywords to your published datasets to make them easier for others to find and reuse.
Publish to group repositories
Using the organization support in GitHub, DataDock publishers can now push their data to repositories owned by a group rather than an individual user.
Search For Published Data
Search other people's datasets by the keywords used by other data publishers.
Open Licenses
Every dataset is published with a license to make it officially licensed open data.
Data Downloads
Anyone can download your published datasets as complete CSV data files.
Vocabulary Terms
Dive into the advanced settings to set the vocabulary terms describing the data in your datasets, enabling better collaboration between people publishing similar data.
Web of Data Integration
Your DataDock portal consists of pages for each of the records in your datasets, this means every record is now addressable and live on the Web of Data.
This allows for advanced interlinking of data from different sources - and achieving 4 star open data, link your data to others to achieve the full 5 stars!

Coming soon

DataDock is free and open-source. Here's the list of features we're working on (in no particular order), add your requests or up-vote those you see here on the DataDock community GitHub.

Follow Other Data Publishers
Follow other users to get updates when they publish new datasets or change the data in their published datasets.
Favourite Datasets
Mark datasets as favourites to easily find them again, see how many people have favourited a dataset to get a sense of how well used it is.
See how many times your data has been viewed or downloaded.
Saved Vocabularies
Create your own custom vocabularies and make them available to others, for ease of reuse by yourself and others publishing data.
Use maps and charts to visualise your data.
Data access
Queries and APIs to access your datasets and the data inside them.
Customise the content and theme of your data portal public landing page.

For more information have a look through our User Guide, or to quickly get going with DataDock read Getting Started.