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Recent Datasets

Newcastle Libraries
Last Modified: 6/30/2017

Location of current Newcastle City Council Libraries along with number of public access computers and Wi-Fi provision. Source:

Tokyo Metro Lines
Last Modified: 6/30/2017

A list of the lines on the Tokyo Metro with the line name in Japanese, English and French and the line colour given in English.

Tokyo Metro Stations
Last Modified: 6/30/2017

Stations on the Tokyo Metro with the station name in Japanese and English and a link to the line(s) that the station is on.

Tokyo Metro Stops
Last Modified: 6/30/2017

Stops on the Tokyo Metro. Each stop is linked to the station it is at and the line it is on. A link is also given to the resource for this stop published at

Admissions 2016.csv
Last Modified: 6/20/2017

Data from, originally published by NHS Digital.

Intimate partner violence against females.csv
Last Modified: 6/16/2017

From Global Health Observatory, World Health Organization,

Last Modified: 6/12/2017

Last Modified: 6/7/2017

Directed graph of Wikipedia links to and from Wikipedia pages for Jacques Derrida. Links were harvested from all available language editions of Wikipedia. All Wikipedia content is licensed under a CC-BY-SA license.

Community Shout Outs 2017-03-21
Last Modified: 5/13/2017

This dataset contains the content from our "Community Shout Outs" section from the first Tech4Good Bristol meetup. More information about what Community Shout Outs are, and how to add to them, is available at This data is licensed as open data under a CC-BY (Attribution required) license, more information at Creative Commons

convertcsv (8).csv
Last Modified: 3/5/2017